Air Conditioning

Car air conditioning not working, has it been serviced lately?

Car Air Conditioning helps maintain a level of comfort you need during journeys and the systems need servicing to replace gas and lubricants on a regular time scale. Being comfortable in fleet, or personal cars means everything. Sometimes these are called “Climate Control “.

Is your car air conditioning blowing hot air?

Bring the car, or call us direct as this is part of the garage services we provide. Our friendly staff will help with any specific needs or of any other areas we cover below:

  •   Air con service
  •   Air con recharge
  •   Quality testing
  •   Our air con servicing also comes as part of our vehicle servicing.

How does air conditioning work?

The purpose of these units is to basically transfer heat from the vehicles interior to the exterior, and the Centre of this is its refrigerant. This being said, it was a common factor that the “higher end” cars had this functionality, however this has become standard by today’s advancements. As a rough estimate car air conditioning units or climate control systems leak around 10% of fluids and gas, so servicing, re charging and general maintenance is paramount to ensure driver and customer comfort, thus keeping you and the car happy! It is never recommended that anyone without the certified qualifications try doing any service, or repairs and it’s been known that having Freon in your eyes will cause serious injuries. Also, if this leak is exposed to a naked torch (As some people check leaks by!) and it ignites, then it will produce a by product called Phosgene gas.

  • Have this done by a trained professional within this field at Chris Hall Motor Engineers.

The staff here can demonstrate the significance difference this service will make so just contact us on the phone, by email and if local just pop in!






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