Pre MOT Service

MOT Checks help you understand the work needed prior to MOT Testing for work to be carried out.

MOT checks are done by Chris Hall Motor Engineers so faults can be visible and repaired, prior to the cars MOT test. We call this a pre- mot service. All work and repairs can be estimated after this investigation giving you the chance to have the vehicle prepared prior, we are happy to assist in this with the qualified technicians. An MOT Test is an annual process a vehicle must go through to ensure roadworthiness, safety, and emissions required in the United Kingdom. Our pre-mot service prepares the vehicle, in readiness for the test, and finally receiving the MOT Certificate.

  • Let us manage the process, and prepare your vehicle and take the hassle away
  • By doing the pre-mot work, it will save you time with Chris Hall Motor Engineers, keeping you on the road

Organising personal, and fleet vehicles is what we do.

You can have your MOT checks, and MOT testing completed up to one month prior to the expiry date giving you time for the work needed (if required) and we can help track all your MOT needs. Again, having the car serviced on a regular basis within the vehicle servicing department will help minimize those unexpected surprises and in turn save you money.

  • Call and book in for more details and availability
  • Be sure the vehicle is in good hands so you can continue your day.

What other services do you need within the garage service arena?

We recommend that having your vehicle, or fleet serviced and checked every six months, not gives you peace of mind, but gives a clear auditable trail of all car history check details. This makes the selling of it easier for future buyers, or garages.






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