Vehicle Diagnostics


•   Alarm immobiliser

•   Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

•   Airbag and SRS systems

•   Electronic parking brake (EPB)

•   Engine management

•   Heater and air conditioning

•   Key coding and battery charging

•   Traction control and DSC faults

Vehicle Diagnostics expert using auto diagnostic software keeping your car on the road!

Vehicle Diagnostics are terms used on modern day vehicles. They use OBD (on- board diagnostics) giving trained technicians the ability to access various subsystems and was first introduced by Volkswagen way back in 1968 All staff at Chris Hall Motor Engineers in Weston Super Mare, are fully trained on doing an engine diagnostic test to detect complex problems and fix a full range of issues including:

  •   Alarm immobiliser- New cars are generally fitted as standard to ensure security, but some older cars do not have then. Think about fitting one to save on insurance, and keep your car safe.
  •   Anti-lock brakes (ABS)- This is the safety system that allows wheels to keep traction on different road surfaces, safety is paramount for you and family.
  •   Airbag and SRS systems- These are the Supplemental Restraint Systems. These air bags inflate when a collision is caused, protecting the driver/passengers
  •   Electronic parking brake (EPB)- This is on most new cars and used instead of the old hand brake operation. Checking the EPD system will contribute to safety and peace of mind.
  •   Engine management- most cars carry the warning symbol that flashes when a problem has arisen. Let the auto diagnostic software we use combined with our staff correct this, just ask!
  •   Heater and air conditioning- Self-explanatory, but a crucial part of vehicle maintenance for winter, summer conditions resulting in driver/passenger comfort
  •   Key coding and battery charging- Ask for our service department for any issues, we are here to help.
  • Traction control and DSC faults- Dynamic Stability Control system

Get your vehicle and engine diagnostic test booked in today by our team, just call in or phone!

We will provide you with a general diagnostic health check that flags up current and future problems giving you a well-maintained vehicle that increases efficiency, optimises safety for you and the family and keeps you on the move.

  • Ring, call in and speak to our friendly team who will answer any questions to put your mind at rest.
  • Once booked in our technicians will complete the test, give you a prognosis, with a view to the repairs
  • The car will be returned, giving you the service you require.

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We cover a full range of services from vehicle servicing to air conditioning maintenance and repairs. Chris Hall Motor Engineers are your ideal choice for Cost Effective motoring problems so contact us today and speak to Chris, or Wayne

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